Put out better service and then under price them, and your competition just has to wait a little bit for you to fall on your face so they could swoop back in. Trust me. What you include as 'standard services" or 'standard product features" as well as job site etiquette or in store service or warranties all need to go into your pricing.Not Charging in all of Your Time & Costs- This appears like a stupid statement to some but I bet most business owners will admit that they have given away a little too much of the farm at times. If they never like the fact that you include things that others charge extra for later or that you treat them better, then they are most likely completely price shoppers.As a business owner you have to believe that you're offering your clients worthwhile wares that deserve to be paid for.

 You can't just undercut their price to steal a job; you must have that price covered in your rate and market the fact that it comes with the price upfront. These things cost you money and when your competitors don't do them it costs them less money. Just how much your labor and materials price for a service is only a piece of an hourly rate. . You never want them as regular customers anyway. I"ll get to much more on why inside the next segment. But either way, that's not what I'm discussing here.

Every company has insurance to pay for. Should you get the chance to explain why your prices are higher, then take that program and do it. You'll find tons of overhead expenditures that must be part of your price. What concern me are those that put a lot of high quality into their work or products or stores and don't cover the expense for it. As an example, say you run a service business and your competitors don't do a certain standard service that you do.

Oh, by the way, the big one that a lot of people forget about in their price is the high quality element. Stores undermine themselves, as an example, when they put bimetallic thermometer housings a lot more folks on the floor for customer service but don't charge for it. Hey, there is nothing wrong with giving a little extra here and there to show you care. Employees price more than just salary and not every employee is part of your labor charge.What you pay for a product you're going to sell just isn't the only cost to have in your head when you are pricing products.Not Getting Paid Fast Enough- That's right, the old cash flow issue.

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